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New Protection Patch
 You will need to download the new Patch on Saturday 27/01! We will change the protection because it is causing several problems to several players since then we will use Active Anticheat It will only be released on Monday.
26 January, 2024
Enter and Receive 6-Day VIP for your journey at L2NOW!
Hello players, after 7 days online we release 6 days of VIP for all new characters created on the first account created After the 6 days expire you can farm them through GMSHOP Pvp/Tournament/Event ⚠️THIS VIP 2 DAYS IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PASS ON TRADE OR DEPOSIT ⚠️ Join our server right now, invite your friend, enemy clan and be part...
24 January, 2024
RoadMap Opening day 17/01!
Roadmap L2NOW Season 2 Learn about the planning for launching content. If necessary, some dates can be changed to maintain the fairest and healthiest server possible. Release of the RaidBoss 18/01 Release PartyFarm/Golden Enchants +15 at +25 19/01 Release of Skills Augments 20/01 Release Daily Mission 21/01 Release of Olympiad & Tournament...
12 January, 2024
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